SL-1350H4DD Brush Sander -Heavy Duty

Disc Heads + 4 Horizontal Heads

★This model is suitable sanding for profile depth 12mm~ 16mm of the doors and irregular curve

surface sanding, moulding profile sanding and 3D carved sanding, grooves sanding our SL-H4DD can reduce the workforce easy replace 20 workers and increase the roductive !

★Sealer sanding , can help blend in or make uniform staining and top coat look.

★The method of roller coating always produces very sharp edges after the UV drying. This can be effectively eliminated with such machine configuration.

★A “pulling” sanding avoids wavy surfaces and penetrates deeply into the milled grooves.

  • It’s can remove wood fibers from sanding the product.

★This machine can reduce the thin sanding mark (grain) left on the surface of the wood piece

  • Brush sanding can help even out the sealer over the part