SL-MT13 table type manual deburring machine

SL-MT13Table type manual Deburring  machine
  1. SL-MT13 table type manual deburring machine can instantly process deburring works for different shapes or thicknesses metal work pieces without specifically setting the working dimensions of machine, the users only place the work pieces on the table and deburr them. This machine can also be applied on processing grinding, finishing and rounding edges works
  2. Movable cantilever sanding head structure makes the users to easily move the sanding head to anywhere and any altitude in the working area for deburring the work pieces which are in irregular shapes and different thicknesses.
  3. Disc type sanding head allows abrasive installed on the top and bottom each, and turn 180 degree to quick switch the top and bottom abrasives for users to consecutively process 2 different sanding works.
  4. Powerful vacuum system efficiently sucks the work pieces stable, whilst the users are processing the sanding works, work pieces can be firmly fixed on the working table.
Model No.: SL-MT13
Sanding head motor: 1HP
Number of sanding head: 1 set, (allows abrasive installed on the top and bottom each)
Type of sanding head Disc
Disc diameter: 150mm
Table size: 1300 x 800mm
Table height: 920mm
Vacuum area: 350 x 250mm
Vacuum motor: 7.5HP
Dust collecting area: 900 x 550mm (Must connect the dust collecting system) * Central area 350 x 250mm is vacuum area
Min work piece size: 100 x 70mm
Max work piece thickness: 150mm (May be thinner subject to the abrasive)
Machine size: L: 1310 x W: 810 x H: 1560mm