SL-300-6SH-L Six head linear brush sander


This ideal for sanding and denibbing all profiles including - architrave, skirting and flooring products for medium to large scale production.

Six head linear brush sander for sanding on three sides

( 4 Top + 1 Right + 1 Left)


The SL-300-6H can be used for sanding or denibbing rails, architraves, skirtings and straight profiles. Different abrasives, speed and pressures can be used for a wide variety of applications or materials.

1.The main frame is fabricated of heavy steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.

2.All operating controls are centralized in a convenient control panel. It can be used to sand architrave and molding for 3 sides brushing head the speed, adjust by inverter  .

3. Material hold down device , adjust the thickness of work piece by hold down rollers to up or down by manual .

4. The each sanding heads can separately to adjust up,down ,forward and backward.

5.Brushing head with sanding strips and wooden brush. It has been designed for easy replacement.

6. The excellent sanding effect and It can be used to sand architrave and molding for 3 sides . Increase production capacity and reduce cost

Model No. SL-300-6SH
Max. working width 300mm
Min. Work-piece width 20mm
Max. working height 100mm
Min. Work-pieces length 400mm
Min. Work-pieces thinness 9.5mm
Feed speed (Variable) 2 – 12 m/min
Speed of Sanding Wheel VFD / Inverter
4 Top Brush Head motor 4x 3HP (4 x 2.2KW)
Right & Left brushing head motor 2 x 1 HP ( 2 x 0.75KW)
Conveyor motor 1/2 HP (0.37KW)
Machine Dimension (D × W × H) 313cm × 178cm × 177cm
Packing Dimension (D × W × H) 314cm × 179cm × 193cm
Net weight 700 KGS
Gross weight 800 KGS

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