SL-700TB2 Triangle Track belt profile edge sanding machine


Products Features:

1.Perfect design the track belt sanding wheel : to sand more available and detail wood edge getting high efficiency polishing and sanding mark cleanness. 

2.One set Track belt sanding head: manual hand wheel could move sanding head direction in forward-rear, up-down, also available in tilting angel of track sanding head, attached mechanical meter gauge to make micro adjustment of sanding head.  

3.Adjust the angle of sanding head by manual hand wheel from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, to sand or polish complicated irregular wood edge, comfortable in small or batch production.

4.Piano rubber pressing rollers: Compacted line rubber rollers could press stably. Saving customers’ wood materials cost.  

5.To pull the flexible extension rubber rollers rack can transmit different wide size of wood panel boards, max 900mm(W) door cabinet, frames. 

6.Top quality of sanding strips & wooden brushes keeps long lifespan.

7.Variable speed Inverter control feeding and sanding speed getting high efficiency sand detail processing.  

8.Comfortable sand woods frame, doors, frames.

9.For Salida sanding machine provide warranty, exclude sanding strips and brushes, motor, pumps…consumptions and testing before shipment.

Model/Item No. SL-700TB2
Tracked sanding wheel 78pcs sanding strips of one Triangle Track belt head.
Max. Working thickness 100mm
Max. working width 900mm
Min. working width 150mm
Min. working thickness 10mm
Min. working length 200mm
Feeding motor 1HP
Feeding speed 6-25M/min
Sanding motor 3HPx2