SL-ND2 Series


SL-ND2 Series:

Working width:600,900,1300mm

Model No.:SL-600ND2,SL-900ND2,SL-1300ND2.


1.SL-ND2: 2 row of disk heads.

2.This series machine equips symmetry type of oscillation function.It function can remove the sanding mark, especial for after painting sanding.If do not have this function, it will cause liner sanding mark on the workpiece surface.

3.Sanding heads is fixed, conveyor table is movable, can adjust up and down by hand wheel, also have level feet can adjust the machine height.

4.Our sanding brush strip import from Europe, The quality are reliable.

5.Whole pressure rollers simultaneously adjust up and down by handwheel.That's very simple and easy to adjust.

6.Machine : Warranty  period : 1 year as of the purchase date.The warranty without including it is consumption parts.Electric: Warranty period: Half year as of the purchase date.

7.Salida have corporate with many famous companies for long time.Therefore, if customer purchase machine from us, can have same quality as buy Europe or American machine.

Model NO. SL-600N D2 SL-900N D2 SL-1300N D2
Working width 600mm 900mm 1300mm
Min of workpiece length 380mm 380mm 380mm
Max of workpiece thickness 100mm 100mm 100mm
Min of workpiece thickness 5mm 5mm 5mm
Sanding head motor 1HP*2 2HP*2 2HP*2
Oscillation motor 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP
Feed motor 1HP 1HP 2HP

2 row disc head of machine . The working width has 600mm,900mm and 1300mm. Please contact with us salida@ms64.hinet.net to get more information. We, SALIDA INDUSTRY CO., LTD, have very rich experience in woodworking furniture sanding. Especially in irregular surface furniture sanding filed. Our sanding machine are available for many different sanding demands, such as flat surface sanding, irregular curve surface sanding, moulding profile sanding and 3D carved sanding, grooves sanding, wood grain sanding etc.