SL-H4 4Horizontal Brush Head / Table fixed series


★ This model is suitable for sanding profile depth 8mm~ 12mm of the doors, irregular curve surface sanding, moulding profile sanding, 3D carved sanding and grooves sanding.

★ Fast working process increases the productivity and reduces the labor cost.

★ Able to have Sealer sanding function, makes each layer of sealer coating even and smooth for another coating or final painting process.

★ Eliminate the sharp edges which are formed by the roller coating after UV drying.

★ The “pulling” sanding process avoids wavy sanded surface and makes sanding deep into the milled grooves.

★ It can remove wood fibers from wood pieces.

★ Reduce the thin sanding mark (grain) left on the surface of the wood pieces.

★ PLC control Panel Screen (Man-machine interface) for user easy to operate and understand machine working status

Model No.: SL-600H4 SL-1350H4
Max. Working width: 600mm 1350mm
Max. Working Height: 100mm 100mm
Min. Work-pieces: L: 420 mm L: 420 mm
Min. Work-pieces Thickness: 5mm 5mm
Conveyor Motor: 2HP 3HP
Horizontal Head: 2HP 3HP
Oscillation Function: 1/4HP × 4 1/4HP × 4
Lifting Motor –H4 Brush Head: 1/2HP 1/2HP
Lifting Motor –Hold Down Rollers: 1/2HP 1/2HP
Conveyor speed: 2 ~12 M/min 2 ~12 M/min